Moodle DOM Stored XSS to RCE

This is part of Cube01 researches. Hi all, In this article we will cover a vulnerability that we found last month and reported it to the Moodle Security team and... Read more »

Intigriti Easter XSS Challenge Write-up

Hey all, On March 13th I was doing some boring college assignments then I opened Twitter to check what’s new, then I saw that Intigriti was hosting “Easter XSS Challenge”... Read more »

Medium Content Spoofing Leads to XSS

Last week, I found a content spoofing bug in Medium’s jobs site, which can lead to stroed XSS. Introduction I was not looking for bugs there neither a job, I... Read more »

The Sorting Challenge

I started a challenge to some javascript folks last month, and here is the write-up. Challenge I gave them this array [5,23,87,3,58,7,2,1,9], and asked them to sort it increasingly. It’s... Read more »

Hello World Post

Welcome all :) In this new blog I will write about my findings, thoughts, tools, programming, and much more! This blog had been made using Jekyll which is a great... Read more »