Here some of my projects that I am wokring on it .

Some of my projects are not completed yet OR completed, but haven’t been tested yet. I am really buzy in hacking these days. I will upload them one by one ASAP.

Sblog v 1.0 (TBD)
Simple blogging system .
Qsolver 0.1 (TBD)
A javascript tool to minimize boolean functions .
A php website to hide users location when they browsing the web.
C++ Homeworks for beginners
Some C++ codes homeworks that we got in university for beginners .
Isecur1ty challenges
XSS challanges I made at Isecur1ty .
Pic 2 seven segment
A nodejs app that parse the digit from a picture and show it on seven segment using arduino .
Javascript Challenges
Some js tricks .
A chrome extension to replace the posts that’s spread out very fast with useful content on facebook .
PHP codes that generate SWF from ActionScript using flex SDK.